Google Tasks Client

Google Tasks desktop app for Mac and Windows

Google Tasks Client is the best app for using Google Tasks on your desktop. It supports full screen, alert notifications, overall search, multiple Google account addition,dark mode and global shortcuts.

Google Tasks Client screenshot Google Tasks Client screenshot
Google Tasks Client screenshot

What is Google Tasks Client?

The browser version of Google Tasks is a great application. But it's not always easy to use, as it's only available as a sidebar to Gmail and Google Calendar. Google Tasks Client is the desktop application that Google Tasks is all about "what we could do better".

  • ・I'm looking for a dedicated desktop app for Google Tasks.
  • ・I want a simple way to sync with Google Tasks
  • ・I like the design like Microsoft ToDo or Wunderlist.
What is Google Tasks Client


Simply sync with Google Tasks

Simply sync with Google Tasks

Google Tasks Client is an application for users who want to use Google Tasks with Desktop. You can add, edit and delete tasks that can be done in Google Tasks. The goal of Google Tasks Client is to imitate or make it easier to use with Google Tasks simply and quickly.

Can be used in full screen

The browser version can only be used in a small area of the sidebar. Google Tasks Client can use Google Tasks in full screen, making it faster to use.

Can be used in full screen
Full-text search available for all tasks

Full-text search available for all tasks

You can search from all tasks by entering a keyword. You can quickly find a task that you do not know where you went. You can edit or delete the searched task immediately. I can do it.

You can view tasks for "Today" "Tomorrow" "Day After Tomorrow" "Overdue" and "All"

From all tasks, you can narrow down and display only the tasks whose deadline is "today". So you have a clear idea of ​​what you need to do today. You can also list "All" tasks in the Google Tasks list.

Full-text search available for all tasks
You can sort the task list and tasks freely

You can sort the task list and tasks freely

You can sort the task list and tasks by drag and drop, due date, alphabetical order, etc. You can sort the tasks in order of priority from the top, or from the one with the approaching due date. You can sort them in order or sort them freely.

Do not send data to non-Google servers

Data is sent directly to Google's servers and not to any other server. Therefore, the data is completely closed only on your computer and Google server and can be used safely. Google Tasks can be used within Google Tasks Client using Google's OAuth authentication (OpenID Connect is used and the authentication flow is closed only within Google site). Therefore, your login password can only be entered on the Google site and you will not be asked for the password in Google Tasks Client.

Do not send data to non-Google servers
Compatible with dark mode

Compatible with dark mode

It is possible to smoothly switch between the two themes between light mode and dark mode.

Has multiple accounts and can be switched quickly

Google accounts can be increased or decreased indefinitely. You can also quickly switch between multiple accounts.

Has multiple accounts and can be switched quickly
You can add tasks with global shortcuts

You can add tasks with global shortcuts

Press "Command(Control) + Shift + A" and a popup will appear to add the task. As soon as you add a task there, it will be reflected in the Google To-Do list. You can add tasks as soon as you come up with a task while you are doing something else.


  1. 1. Download the app

    1. Download the app

    Click the "Download" button to access the Mac App Store or Microsoft Store and download the app.

  2. 2. SignIn with Google Account.

    2. SignIn with Google Account.

    When you open the app, there is a 'Google Sign in' button. Sign in with your Google account.

  3. 3. Start Google Tasks Client!

    3. Start Google Tasks Client!

    You can start using Google Tasks Client right away! Manage your tasks, switch to dark mode, add more accounts!


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Contact for feedback and bugs

If you find any feedback or bugs, please contact us at the email address below.

What is Google Tasks Client?

A desktop application for managing Google Tasks on macOS or Windows. Since the browser version of Google Tasks can only be used as a Google Calendar or Gmail sidebar and can no longer be used in full screen, we have created and released an independent application.

Can it be used safely?

We think that security is safe and data is correct, and these two are the most important items of this application. First of all, it is login authentication, but Google Tasks Client requires OAuth authentication when logging in with a Google account. This means entering the login password only within Google's site, and not even the developer can know the password. You can prevent the login information from being leaked to the outside. In addition, the input data such as tasks will not be sent anywhere except Google's server. Data is stored only on the user's local computer and on Google's server.

When was it released?

The first version was released in December 2019. If you have any experience using the app, thank you for contacting us on Twitter.

What can you do?

Google Tasks Client is based on the concept of reproducing what Google Tasks can do on desktop applications as much as possible. We've also added features to make Google Tasks even easier to use.

Do updates stop sometimes?

I want to make regular updates. Things to be developed are scheduled. When a new version is released, I'd like to contact you on this site and on Twitter.

What technology stack is made of?

Made with Electron. Therefore, the application is written in JavaScript and is based on Chrominium. This means that you can open the developer tools to see the source and check the communication status from the network tab. The main technology stack is Electron + React + redux + Material-UI + TypeScript.

What's New

  • 2023.08.28

    Upgraded to the latest system to improve overall app performance.

  • 2023.05.01

    iOS and Android apps have been released. You can manage "today", "tomorrow", and "all" tasks, search from all tasks, and have a wealth of functions.

  • 2022.12.16

    Added a function to add tasks while displaying "today" or "tomorrow" and a function to display overdue tasks.

Why did you make Google Tasks Client?

Hello. Google Tasks Client developers Thank you interested in this app a little digression from here, if we talk about the background that made this app I think.

Developers are also Google ToDo list users

Developers are also Google ToDo list users

I am a Google ToDo list user myself. I often use a record instead of a memo so that I don't forget it when I think of something. I'll forget what I have to shop for soon... I'll forget it soon, so before I forget it, I wrote it down on my Google ToDo list, and later I thought about it, and that memo helped me many times.

Background of making

Although there is an app that two people collaborated on in another development, at that time we also created one shared Google account and developed it so that each other's tasks can be confirmed in the Google ToDo list. I was using the browser version of the Google ToDo list, but it's too small to use. Most of the people who came here didn't feel this. That's why So I found it useful to have a desktop app for the Google ToDo list, and I wanted to make it. This is the trigger.

What is good?

What is good?

The first thing I thought about when I made the task was to add a task using a global shortcut. Honestly, I thought that this function was convenient enough. While using the ToDo list, That's when I'm doing other work. At that time, I want to take a quick note in the ToDo list and quickly return to my original work. I don't want to stay on the Google ToDo list for a long time. So I decided not to use the browser version of the app, but to create a desktop app that can access the functions of macOS and Windows OS. Since I can do a little JavaScript, I started development using Electron. . Electron is a framework for creating desktop applications for macOS, Windows, Linux. I've never released it to the store, so I thought it would be a good experience for me to develop it.

While making it

I was able to add a task at an early stage with a global shortcut. However, it's okay because the function is too limited to be released as an application. I will also develop with Electron. However, there is something a little unsatisfactory, so I thought that I could display and edit the Google ToDo list itself in the application. I used Microsoft To Do and Wunderlist as references. When I first used nWunderlist, I was shocked. It's pretty easy to understand. Unfortunately, the app is gone now, but I decided to create a UI that was just as easy to understand.

What I cherished

What I cherished

The important thing during the making was to make a safe app. ToDo list is literally a to-do list, but it is used by various users, and sometimes it is seen by others. I think that there are times when it is a bad password and you may enter personal information. I think that many people use ToDo list instead of memo, and it is really important to keep security as safe as possible. So, I proceeded with the development. Therefore, I simply made communication between my computer and Google's server. Also, login was limited to Google OAuth authentication and password was set. I didn't enter it from the app and didn't save it anywhere.

Features not on the browser Google ToDo list

Basically, it duplicates what's in the Google ToDo list, and added what I think it should be. For example, adding multiple Google accounts. In the present age, I think that I often have multiple rather than just one Google account. It is an account that I can not reveal to anyone for work and private. Even with browser version account Can be switched, but it is a little inconvenient because you have to reopen the screen. I thought it would be useful if you could switch multiple accounts on the same screen. Show the number of remaining tasks It's not in the browser version. It would be convenient to be able to quickly check the remaining number. You can get a rough idea of ​​the progress.


What I cherished

I decided to release the app as soon as it was completed. The process for releasing it to the Mac App Store and Microsoft Store was more difficult than the development of this app... I was able to borrow it and bring it to the release. I am glad as a developer that I have installed it from all over the world, but I think that there is still a lot of parts in the application and further improvement is necessary. I'm not thinking of stopping the update for now.


There are still a lot of useful features that I would like to add. There are still a lot of things I need to improve. I'm happy to say that everyone who uses this app is happy. No one wants to be asked. That's a promise from Google Tasks Client.